StarFilter Pro

StarFilter Pro 4.5

Add customizable star filter effects to your images

StarFilter Pro is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop, PaintShop and Corel, which allows you to add star effects to your images. In order to do that, the utility analyzes the content of an image, and establishes where its highlight areas are located. The star effects can then be adjusted according to your preferences.

The plugin finds the highlights of a photo, and then classifies them according to brightness and colors. With the control set that the plugin provides, you may choose the number of effects to be created on the image highlights. There are seven star effects that you are able to choose from: standard, star burst, hyper star, Hollywood star, North Star, vector star, and religious cross. For each star effect, you are allowed to make settings along the lines of several parameters. For example, you may set the quantity, intensity or angle of the diffraction spikes. You may also adjust the color of the effects (color saturation, rainbow intensity, and frequency), as well as of the secondary effects. The latter ones refer to secondary spike intensity and soft flare intensity. Finally, you are also allowed to preview the result, at the same time that you are making the adjustments.

The star effect can enrich pictures of lakes reflecting sunlight, of streets illuminated by night-time lights, or of dew-covered grass in the morning sun. It is an easy-to-use plugin which is able to help you process your images so as to amplify the brightest parts of a subject and obtain highly nuanced results.

Margie Smeer
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  • Identifies the highlights of a photo in order to place the star effects
  • The effects can be adjusted according to preferences


  • It can be considered a bit pricey
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